Spectacular Saturday Quarterly Tournaments

Bring Your Own Partner Doubles Tourney
Team Cap 130
Flighted Brackets

Number of brackets determined by number of entries | $2,000 added to event, prorated across each bracket

To Qualify:
ALL PLAYERS must have played 10 league nights in a NADO Managed Remote League or in 10 Daily Remote Tournaments in the preceding quarter


  • Double Elimination
  • 501 OI/OO Freeze, Cricket, 501 OI/OO Freeze, Cricket
  • Race to 3 Winner's Side
  • Race to 2 Loser's Side

Entry Fees: 
$50 per team

League nights must be scheduled between February 7 and April 30. 

Players who were eligible for the February 6, 2021, Spectacular Saturday Tournament but did not play will also be eligible.

Registration required by 6 am Central, Friday, April 30, 2021.

Spectacular Saturday flyer May 1, 2021