FAQs-NADO Bonus Pools

What are the NADO Bonus Pools?

  • This is probably one of the most exciting aspects of the NADO Member Player Rewards Program as we anticipate $200,000 in bonus prize money to be awarded through this event.
  • We plan on having four separate events in this program: Men’s Division 1 = $75,000; Women’s Division 1 = $50,000; Men’s Division 2 = $50,000; and Women’s Division 2 = $25,000.
  • Our inaugural year projections are to award 2 top prizes of $10,000 each in the Men’s Division 1 and Women’s Division 1, a top prize of $7,700 in Men’s Division 2, and $5,000 in Women’s Division 2.
  • 30 Players would earn $2,000 or more and at least 58 players would earn $1,000 or more. Our projections also award Bonus Pool prize money to the top 100 players in each Men’s division and the top 50 players in each Women’s division.


How are the Divisions determined?

  • The players are placed in the divisions based on skill rating prior to the doubles team draw.


How are NADO Member Player Rewards Points earned?

  • Players earn up to 160 NPRPs by participating in affiliated local and remote leagues, local Member Player Rewards Tournaments (MPRTs), NADO-managed remote leagues, NADO-managed Daily Remote Tournaments (NDRTs), and NADO-managed MPRTs.
  • Players can earn up to 70 NPRPs at the NADO Continental Finale events.
  • See event information sections for detailed information on each event named above.


How are the winners determined?

  • Winners in each division are determined by the player's position in the final season standings after the annual NADO Player Rewards Program Continental Finale in the fall.


Do I have to be one of the best players to win a big cash prize?

  • No - of the 160 NPRPs available during the regular season only 10 points are awarded based on finishing positions in MPRTs. At the NADO Finale Points Shootout event players earn between 15 and 55 points based on finishing position in each blind draw division.


How are ties in the final season standings handled?

  • Players tied for the same position will share the total of all prizes in the tied positions equally.
    Example: Player A & Player B tied for 3rd Place. If 3rd Place prize is $3,500 and 4th Place is $3,000 and are added together for a total of $6,500, then $6,500 divided by 2 = $3,250 paid to each of the tied players.


As a player what should I do?

  • The most important aspect is participation. This is a player participation rewards program.
  • Get as many of the 160 NADO NPRPs as possible at home through league and MPR Tournament play. You can get 150 NPRPs based on participation regardless of your skill level.
  • Track your points online at NADO.net.
  • Attend the NADO Continental Finale.
  • Have fun.