FAQs-NADO-Managed Remote Dart Leagues

What is a NADO-Managed Remote Dart League?

  • These are remote dart leagues operated by the NADO office on the Franchisee’s electronic dart boards that participate in the NADO Member Player Rewards Program.
  • The NADO Member Player Rewards Program is a unique dart league promotion that awards players cash prizes for both participation and skill with a huge emphasis on participation.


What league formats are available for a NADO-managed remote league?

  • Click here to view NADO-managed Remote League formats.
  • NADO tracks league participation towards the awarding of cash prizes at the end of the season.


What is the NADO handicapping system for local leagues?

  • NADO-managed remote leagues are spot points/marks reverse handicap.


How do I earn points from NADO-managed remote league play?

  • A player earns 2 participation points for every completed match of qualified NADO-managed remote league play up to a maximum of 75 league participation points per season.
  • A player earns 4 Bonus Participation points for every 12 completed matches of NADO-managed remote league play. The league bonus participation points are combined with the NADO Member Player Rewards Tournament Bonus Participation points to count toward a maximum of 15 Bonus Participation points in that Bonus Group.


Are there other specific rules regarding NADO-managed remote leagues?

  • A few, such as minimum age requirements, minimum team requirements, and minimum schedule requirements.
  • Full rules for NADO-managed remote leagues can be viewed here.


As a player what should I do?

  • The most important aspect is participation. This is a player participation rewards program.
  • Track your points online at NADO.NET.
  • Have fun.