NDRT Rules

START TIME    6:00 PM Central Time,     7:00 Eastern Time,     5:00 PM Mountain Time   

CHECK-IN        30 minutes prior to Start Time

WE USE GROUPME TEXT MESSAGING FOR ALL PLAYER COMMUNICATIONS.  If you have a good Wi-Fi signal you may use the GROUPME app.

We use Compusport Scorekeeper for our remote tournaments.  If you are not familiar with Scorekeeper please see the instructions here: 


Updating machines/data transfer: Transferring data between dart machines and the NADO office requires hitting the Triple 20 segment six (6) times while the machine is in non-remote league setup screen. Players must manually load tournament data prior to forfeit time to begin the first match and then following each tournament match to send the data to the NADO staff. The machine will indicate “data transfer” upon rebooting the machine as described. Transferring data takes a few minutes to update for the next match to be posted to the live tournament.

Player Substitutions - Substitution is allowed up to 15 minutes before competition begins.                    

Players are expected to arrive early and to play at least one casual remote game to ensure connectivity to the internet is constant and trouble–free.

Pre-Match Contact: All teams must speak – or text - via phone before EVERY match. Make the call – or text – to an opposing team before each match cork. This is required to ensure the proper game is selected per the event format and to prevent match delays or any other problem. Pre-Match contact MUST occur. Those who do not engage in pre-match-contact will be penalized when reported and proved following the tournament. Missed pre-match contact will result in an automatic one-month suspension from remote tournaments for each reported, and proven, missed pre-match contact. Missed pre-match contact reports are to be made after the tournament ends and no later than 24 hours from the time of the missed pre-match contact. Falsely reported and or unproved missed pre-match contact is cause for equal penalty

ALL Events are Race to 2 Winner's & Loser's. Follow your Format for each Division.

Shot clock is used in all matches. Round limits are set at 20 rounds for 01 games and 25 rounds for Cricket.

All matches should begin within 10 minutes of post time. If not, then players are directed to contact the tournament director at that time to try to resolve the problem.

Home team will go first, and the losing team will start 2nd game. You can change your shooting order at any time before a game starts. This will be running on Compusport. The bracket will be drawn once all teams have checked in and the tournament director will announce when it is posted.

Please start your next game immediately after the last game ends. If you are taking a 5-minute break please alert the other team and the tournament director. If there is a mid-game emergency, please immediately alert the other team and the tournament director.

How to cork/diddle: The cork/diddle is game 1 in Both the Winner's and Loser's side. Use to decide Home Team before any match. Team on top on the bracket shoots first in the diddle (Home). The diddle game is one round (3 darts) for 1 player per team of Split Bull Count-Up. Each team elects a player; the selected player will throw all three darts. In the case of a tie, then another diddle game will be played using the remaining partners and keeping the same team as the Home team. THE DIDDLE GAME DOES NOT COUNT AS WIN FOR MATCH PLAY, IT ONLY DECIDES WHO STARTS MATCH.

Winners & Losers Side - Race to 2 wins. Exit the league should a team reach 2 wins without the need for the tiebreaker. The winner of the winner’s side will play the winner of the loser’s side for the Championship. In the event the winner’s side wins first match, congratulations. If the loser’s side beats the winner’s side in the first match, there will be a final championship match played; winner of that match will be declared the winner.

Backing out of a game is considered a match forfeiture when game cannot be resumed.

It is required that at least one person on each team have the ability to score the match.  Of course, the NADO Tournament Director will be available to assist you should you have any problems.  


Camera problems. If you cannot see your opponent, IT IS YOUR LOCATION WITH THE PROBLEM not your opponents. Unplug your board wait 30 seconds, plug it in and try again.


Dart Board Malfunctions: The score registered on the Dart Board will be considered FINAL in ALL discrepancies. Darts that do not register are considered a malfunction of the dart board. Manually scored darts will result in loss of game.

All matches are set with the video being recorded so that we can review any issues or complaints.


If there is an issue where someone feels the other team is shooting out of order, then alert the tournament director of the matter. Continue to play the match and after the match the director will review the match to see if a foul did occur. If found the other team shot out of order, then they will lose that game.

UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT RULE: Any team that is deemed to violate this rule will be forfeited from the tournament and possibly other NADO events and/or leagues. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes name calling, disrespectful behavior, slow play, deliberately slowing down the tournament, and anything else that disrespects the tournament or players or may slow the tournament down as deemed by the NADO staff.

Player’s Responsibility: It is the player’s responsibility to verify that their NADO Player Ranking is correct when signing up for Remote Leagues or Remote Tournaments. With that responsibility they need to verify that the Player Rating is the highest rating listed. Players may have multiple listings for their average, based on being listed numerous times from their perspective NADO Franchisees players account, due to misspelling, proper names, and nicknames. Some players may play for numerous Franchisees which will show listings for each Franchisee played for. When searching your name on the NADO Players Rankings page, make sure you are only listed once, and you may need to search for multiple spellings of you name to make sure you have the highest average listed. NADO reserves the right to refuse entries, forfeit matches or make judgmental decisions on circumstances that may arise when mistakes are made.


Staff monitors the NADO FB group page throughout the tournament. NADO Staff will assist with problems to move all matches and brackets along as smoothly as possible. In the event of a problem/issue that requires assistance to move the game or match forward, ONE person from each team should contact Staff on NADO’s Daily Remote Tournaments by NADO Facebook page using the same post so both teams can see a response from staff. Please determine who will post on page prior to post.  https://www.facebook.com/NADORewards

DO NOT CALL NADO Hotline.  Staff will not answer during matches. If you are having an issue that needs phone communication, staff will contact you after receiving notification on Facebook.


Winners from the event must notify the Tournament Director and send a team picture for posting on NADO promotional materials. Winners from NADO events release consent for NADO to use photos or names for posting of NADO promotional materials. Payouts will not be sent without submission of an acceptable team photo.    

Please call in your boards to update the leagues at the end of a match. Good Luck to you all.