FAQs-Ton 80 Club

What is the Ton 80 Club?

  • A player becomes a member of the Ton 80 Club when they achieve 180 or more NADO Player Rewards Points (NPRPs).
  • The total NADO NPRPs for all the players in the Ton 80 Club are divided into the total prize pool to get a value per point.
  • Players are then awarded the calculated prize amount from the pool of money in the Ton 80 Club.


How does a Player get 180 or more NADO Rewards Points?

  • Players earn regular season NADO NPRPs by competing in affiliated local and remote leagues, local Member Player Rewards Tournaments (MPRTs), NADO-managed remote leagues, NADO-managed Daily Remote Tournaments (NDRTs), and NADO-managed MPRTs.
  • A player can earn up to 160 NADO regular season points in their local markets.
  • Players that attend the NADO Continental Finale Event can earn additional points.
  • A player earns 2 NPRPs for each match played in affiliated leagues and 1 NPRP for each NADO-managed NDRT up to a maximum of 75 league participation points.
  • A player earns 5 NPRPs for attending a local or NADO-managed MPRT up to a maximum of 60 MPRT participation points. (An average of one MPRT per month will get you there.)
  • A player can earn 2 Bonus NPRPs for winning or being the highest placing female in a NADO MPRT up to a maximum of 10 Bonus MPRT points. This is the only area where skill might be a factor.
  • A player earns 4 Bonus Participation NPRPs for every 12 nights of league play and 1 Bonus NPRP for every 4 MPRTs they attend up to a maximum of 15 Bonus Participation NPRPs.


How many NADO NPRPs can a player get by attending the NADO Finale event?

  • That depends on how many events in which you participate and your finishing position in the NADO Finale Points Shootout on Sunday.
  • The 3 main events on Friday and Saturday each award 5 NADO NPRPs for participating.
  • The NADO Finale Points Shootout awards somewhere between 15 and 55 NADO NPRPs based upon your finishing position in that event.
  • Participating in all the point events at the NADO Continental Finale will give you somewhere between 30 to 70 additional NADO NPRPs to add to your regular season points.


As a player what should I do?

  • Get as many of the 160 NADO NPRPs as possible at home through league and MPR Tournament play. You can get 150 NPRPs based on participation regardless of your skill level.
  • Attend the NADO Continental Finale event and participate in all points events. You are guaranteed at least 30 NPRPs regardless of how you finish.
  • Doing the two items above will guarantee that you will receive Ton 80 Club prize money just for attending the NADO Continental Finale event. Examples:
    • 100 players reach the Ton 80 Club. On average they would be rewarded $300 each.
    • 250 players reach the Ton 80 Club. On average they would be rewarded $120 each.
    • 500 players reach the Ton 80 Club. On average they would be rewarded $60 each.
  • Track your points online at NADO.net.
  • As you can see, just by participating a reasonable amount at home and getting the bare minimums at the NADO Continental Finale event you can help cover your costs of attending, not to mention you will have a very good time, meet lots of other players and make new friends, and could possibly win a whole lot more in the NADO Points Race Bonus Pools and other events.