BSE Team League Winter 2022

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PDF Version of Team League Winter 2022-23 Regulations (English)

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         - REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 09/18/22
         - START Date October
         - One game day per level will be established.
         - 1 leg per week.
         - The team must be fully available to play on the corresponding day according to its category or group.
         - Game time: Between 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm CET (Central European Time)
General information:
         - BullShooter Championship Qualifying League December 2022
         - 14 weeks
         - groups of 8
         - Teams of 4 players with the possibility of 2 substitutes previously registered.
         - Registration: 100€ per team
Cuts and categories:
         - The cuts and levels will be established according to registration.
         - The registration of the teams will be organized by order of MPR and the groups will be established as equitably as possible. If necessary, we could apply a handicap.
         - In the event that during the course of the league, a team exceeds its registration average by 30%, it will be considered that the team has cheated to access a group that does not correspond to it and will be eliminated from the competition without any possibility of claim.
Game format:
         - 4 games of 501 in 15” (played in pairs with the “freeze” option activated)
         - 5 Cricket games in 15” (closing the two players)

At the beginning of each group of games, the line-up can be established and the changes required can be made. That is, at the beginning of the block of 4 games of 501, the team will establish the lineup. This will remain until the start of the second block of 4 Cricket games, where the team will be
able to make the changes they want again. Starting the ninth and last game, the team will be able to freely choose the two team members who will play the last of the games.

The 8 teams from each group will meet in a round robin format for 14 weeks where the teams will face each other twice.

At the end of the 14 weeks, the 3 teams that have accumulated the most points will become the 3 winning teams ordered from highest to lowest score, thus awarding the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. In the event of a tie, tie rules will apply.

In the event that at the end of the 1st phase there are two teams tied on points, the tiebreaker will be established as follows:

1- The points will be added in their direct confrontations. The team that has obtained the most points will break the tie.

Example: Team A - 40 points / Team B - 40 points

Matchday 1 results: Team A (5 - 4) Team B

Matchday 7 results: Team B (7 - 2) Team A

Sum of points of the two confrontations: Team A: 7 / Team B: 11

Team B win

2- If even so the case of a tie continues, a tiebreaker day will be played on a date and time established by the organization.

Game days:

All teams must indicate three days of play on the registration form.

As far as possible, the days established by the team for their league days will be assigned. In case it is not possible, the days that best suit for the good development of the league will be respected.

Postpone games:

In order to postpone a league day, the team captain must notify the captain of the opposing team and the organization at least 6 hours in advance.

The team cannot refuse to postpone a league match if they have been notified 6 hours in advance and will have to propose three dates for the team that wishes to postpone the game to choose. In the event that none of the three options is feasible for the team that wishes to postpone the game, it will be the organization that will propose a game date and time.

If a team gives notice less than 6 hours in advance to postpone a league day, it will be at the expense of the other team's decision.

A league day may be postponed as long as the next league day has not started.

The postponed league days will have to be adapted to the leagues or events that have already been scheduled by the operator in each venue so that there are no conflicts of available machines.

A team cannot postpone league matchdays more than three times in the entire league.



In the event that any group has less than 8 teams, the prize will vary according to the number of teams in the group.

1st Position: Grant 400€
2nd Position: Grant 200€
3rd Position: Grant 100€

All teams that finish the league gain access to BullShooter European Championship 2023.


Communication between players and the organization:

An informative WhatsApp group will be enabled with all the captains of each team. In this group, all the information, days, postponements, matches, etc., will be published, as well as an updated document with the contact telephone number of each of the captains. This group will only be for information so players will not be able to write to it. The players will have to contact the captains of each team directly in case they want to postpone a match and immediately afterwards, both captains have to inform the organization by WhatsApp. In case there is a conflict and the organization has not been informed, the necessary sanction measures will be taken to correct the problem.


General regulations:

   - Ignorance of the rules does not justify non-compliance.
   - Teams registered in the official league of BullShooter Europe accept all the rules automatically.
   - The organization reserves the right to modify any of its rules without prior notice for a better functioning of the league.
   - Players in this competition are obliged to keep their composure in all establishments that participate in the competition, as well as mistreatment of machines and disrespect towards other players or members of this organization is totally prohibited.
   - The organization reserves the right to admit or expel a player or the entire team.
   - In case of any conflict, or situations that are not included in these regulations, the organization will take the measures it deems appropriate and will always have the last word.
   - The player or players who cheat or break the rules will be expelled from the competition together with all the members of their team. The team in question will not receive any prize or refund of the registration.
   - Each team will be represented by a captain, said local captain will be in charge of handling the machine on each day of the league and all its games.
   - The league consists of several groups. Each team will be assigned to the group that corresponds to it according to the sum of the MPR averages of the four members of the team with the highest average divided by four.
   - It is a face-to-face Online league format, so the players will have to attend the day and time established in their game venue to be able to play their confrontation.
   - A maximum of 15min delay will be tolerated. After 15 minutes of delay, the confrontation will be considered lost and the victory will be awarded to the opposing team that has presented itself to the confrontation.
   - In the event that any team cannot play on the established day and time, does not show up for their confrontation and has not informed their opposing team and the BullShooter Europe organization at least 6 hours in advance, the confrontation will be considered lost. Awarding victory to the opposing team.

If the team misses more than two games, it will be eliminated from the league.
   - If a team wishes to change establishments, they must notify the organization, the opposing teams and their local operator at least 48 hours in advance in order to correct said changes.
   - If on the day of the league day the team cannot play in its establishment due to any problem with the establishment, the injured team must inform its opposing team and the organization with a maximum period of 6 hours in advance in order to grant another establishment or meeting date.
   - If an establishment closes definitively, the games may be changed to another establishment with the consent of the organization. It will be necessary to inform the organization in advance so that it can make the appropriate changes to the machine and the calendar.
   - Teams cannot have more than three league days postponed.
   - The cameras of the machine (player and board) must be in operation at all times, so if a team detects an anomaly in one of the cameras, it has the obligation to notify the organization and its operator so that the camera can be repaired.

League Score:

   - In the official league of BullShooter Europe it is scored by won game.
   - In each league day you can get a maximum of 9 points and a minimum of 0.
   - On each league day a team actually scores the points it has achieved. Example: During a league match, the home team wins the away team 6-2, the home team adds six points and the away team adds two points.
   - If during a game of a league day the two teams that face each other tie a game, the point will not be added for either team, since neither of the two teams has won the game.
   - If a team withdraws or is disqualified from the competition without finishing the first leg, the league days will not be scored for any of the teams in both the first leg and the second leg, that is, that team has no value in the competition.
   - If a team withdraws or is disqualified from the competition during the second leg and has completed the first leg, all results from the first leg will stand and the second leg results will be void for all teams.

Incidents and Penalties:

   - The BullShooter Europe organization must be notified of any type of incident that affects the proper functioning of the league.
   - If during a league day a team or player disrespects another team both on the machine and via WhatsApp, performs abusive behavior towards the machine, the organization must be informed and it will proceed, if necessary, to sanction the team and it could even lead to the elimination of the team.
   - If the organization suspects or detects a player or team that is committing some type of anomaly, it will take the necessary measures and the player or team may be sanctioned with the cancellation of a starting point, granting a league day as null or eliminated from the competition if necessary.
   - All matches are recorded on the machine and will be reviewed by the organization in case there is any dispute or problem.
   - In the event that a team is detected cheating, the organization will take the necessary measures.

The organization reserves the right to modify or cancel the league in case the new restrictions generated by Covid require it.