Victory Ranked Series by BSE


Locations are signed up through their NADO Franchisee. Franchisees should contact NADO with a list of locations where they would like the VRS Tournament downloaded. We will then include your locations into the NADO/BSE VRS Program. NADO has exclusive rights to BullShooter Europe events in the U.S. and Canada. For a list of locations currently signed up, click here.

VRS (Virtual Ranked Series) is a series of promotions that allow a competition to take place regardless of the traditional or online leagues. It is a system that can be played by anyone, at any time. It is based on an average system in which the program takes the best games played, creates an average and then classifies the player according to their MPR / PPD. VRS allows players to play when they want, and does not oppose a schedule, local customs, holidays or other leagues. VRS promotions are designed so that players of any level can participate and are able to win prize.

How to participate in VRS:

1- Access the championship mode on your G3 machine
2- Enter the Victory Ranked Series (VRS) menu
3- Select the competition you wish to play
4- Mark the option to start playing
5- Enter your HotButton in the slot of your G3
6- Once the system has been recognized just press on "Start game"

* All games are reviewed and refereed. Those players who have been detected cheating will be completely disqualified from the competition.


BullShooter Europe VRS Rules page:

BullShooter Europe's Victory Ranked Series Page:

VRS Standings Page:

Finished Events Standings:



* Calendar subject to possible changes according to the restrictions of the pandemic.

BSE VRS 2022 Calendar




- Year-round.
- Generate your VRS MPR on your new HotButton or BullShooter Live profile to access exclusive prizes, championships and leagues.

- Play your 15 games, generate your VRS MPR, and gain access to the VRS Competitions.

BSE VRS Open Cricket



- Be the fastest in each of the laps. Convert your VRS MPR into MPH (miles per hour).
- Rank among the 32 fastest runners upon completion of the race.
- 4 Levels.
- 11 1-month qualifiers (laps) in which the game to be played will vary from Cricket, 501, Count-Up, and Bermuda Triangle.

- Each player can participate in any of the laps; it is not mandatory to participate in all of them.
- At the end of the race, the 32 players who have accumulated the most MPH from each of the laps will participate in a final chart.
- To validate a lap, it is mandatory to play a minimum of 5 games.

Standings are available here. Rules are available here

BSE VRS BullShooter Race


TOP 16

Top 16.3
- Starts on September 1st, 2022, and ends on November 30th, 2022, with Finals on December 17th and 18th, 2022.
- It consists of 3 qualifiers. Each qualifier will last a month.
- 4 levels of play.
- At the end of the promotion, 16 players who have obtained the most points of each level will play in an online face-to-face chart in which the 3 finalist players will obtain a cash prize.

Standings are available here. Rules are available here

Top 16.1 and Top 16.2 Results here.

Top 16.3



- Winter League will start in October, 2022. More details are here.

Team League Winter 2022


- Three chances to win a BullShooter T-Shirt - February, April, and June, 2022.
- This competition is designed for all levels of play.
- Players in the winning positions in the ranking will get an exclusive BullShooter Europe jersey.
- Winning positions 1, 2, 3 each level.

- 8 Levels.

February, April, and June, 2022, Results here.


- It will run from October 1 - 31, 2022.
- Players in the winning positions will get an exclusive BullShooter Europe hooded sweatshirt.
- Winning positions 1st-5th, 10th, and every 10th place after that up to 200th.

Results here.

BSE VRS Sweatshirt Oct